As many as 4,000 homeless children roam the streets of Olongapo City, where most Jireh Home residents originate. They are easy to spot: they wear rags and rummage through garbage: they sleep on side walks, alleys and the doorsteps of night clubs: they beg for food and money. Some are hardly old enough to walk. Many succumb to illness or foul play. Child prostitution is rampant (The U.N. estimates there are 20,000 child prostitutes in the Philippines). The lives of these children are defined by a constant struggle for survival. Many live and die without ever experiencing true joy or love.


What is Jireh Children's Home?

It is a Christian home for children, who have no home of their own: orphans, runaways, street children. victims of neglect, poverty and exploitation; children who have nowhere else to go and no hope for a better life. It is 4 hectares of pristine rural land located in Barangay Magsaysay in the town of Castillejos, Zamba1es province, Philippines. Half the property comprises cottages and facilities for modern living. The other half is an open land, set aside for agriculture and livestock. Jireh Children's Home grow much of its own food. It is a place where children grow up in a Christian atmosphere wherein personal and group devotions as well as ongoing Bible Studies are an integral part of the daily routine. JCHI provides the essentials of wholesome living, including the teaching of discipline needed for a Biblically grounded and productive life. The Home shall in all intent and purposes be a community of law abiding, God fearing cooperative society, sharing, caring, helping, and mutually growing up, developing and becoming constructive citizens of the Philippines.



Children will grow up to become God-centered, productive and responsible citizens.


To help families and children in times of crisis with a Christian home providing for children’s physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and social needs.



The child is exposed to the Gospel through group or personal devotions and Bible studies. Memorization of verses is also encouraged that they may keep the Word of God in their hearts. Each child is taught how to pray and encouraged to personally read the Bible. Before bedtime, everyone gathers for a time of Bible reading and story telling. Sunday is spent in the church for fellowship and spiritual edification.



Most children who have been accepted in the Home suffer from malnutrition. Proper nutrition is given through balanced diet carefully planned by the Home. Medical and dental needs are provided by regular visits to the local hospitals and dental clinics.



Through Scholarship Program, all the children are given the opportunity to attend school. There is close coordination with the teachers in order to have good follow-up of the activities, behavior and attitudes of children in the school.



The children learn skills that they can use for their livelihood when they leave the Home. These include carpentry, painting, welding, construction, machine repair, electrical repair, and car driving. They also learn livestock raising including pigs, cattle, goats and poultry; aquaculture; rice and vegetable farming. It is the Home’s goal to produce its own food to be self-sufficient.



The children of Jireh Home compete at regional sports fest competitions. They have the opportunity to perform songs, theatre, and to give their testimonies during their socialization activities and during programs for anniversaries, thanksgiving days, and farewell parties for international visitors. They are taken on educational trips to other places to widen their perspective of the world.



Intake interviews are conducted every time referrals to the Home are made. Treatment plans for each child are drawn up based on the interviews, counseling and case conferences. The Home’s Social Worker visits the parents/guardians in their homes in preparation for the children’s re-integration in the future. Referrals to professionals and coordination with other agencies are undertaken as the need arises.


To provide a Christian home atmosphere to children and youth who are abandoned, orphaned, neglected, and underprivileged.

To assist them in establishing and retaining self-respect, identity, and a sense of worth and destiny.

To train and rear the children in sound fundamental Bible doctrines and beliefs encompassing discipline, respect to duly constituted authority, love of family, God and country.

To provide a spiritual, mental , physical, social and psychological atmosphere for children to be reared to the ultimate growth of developing community leaders, responsible and respected citizens.

To provide avenues of spiritual, mental physical, emotional and social growth to children and youth less privileged in the life and to gear them toward well-rounded development.


I. EXPANSION OF SERVICES rendered from the present number of clientele to:

a) Temporary residents to be served to 120 children in the year 2015

b) Formal and Vocational Training - a subsidized training for all assisted wards and children.

c) Admission of babies and toddlers and be housed at least 2 for every cottages.



a) The shifting from dormitory to cottage type—to have family home environment/atmosphere.

b) Build up kindergarten, elementary school buildings, children’s playground, library, laboratory and computer room.

c) Establishment of Vocational Training program with emphasis on “Earn while you learn.” such as carpentry, hollow block making.

d) Construction of Dining Hall.

e) Construction of Recreational and Playground facilities.

g) Build up Dispensary

h) The gradual establishment of Home industry through Vocational Training Program in welding, hollow blocks making, automotive, dressmaking, cooking and etc.



Shifted from dormitory type to cottage type. The children now experience a close- to-family life atmosphere. Siblings are housed in the same cottage to prevent the feeling of separation. They are cared for by two caregivers per cottage . Caregivers were sent to trainings on Mentoring, Parental Alternative Care, Case Conference. 100% of the rice consumption of the Homewas produced from Jezreel Farm, a project of the Philippine Faith Mission, Inc. Children were exposed to people of different culture (foreign guests) were they are able to display their talents. Children have improved character and expanded outlook in life. Since before, they look at life as just a thing that slowly passes away now the desire to do something good with it is what they want to bring to realization. We have developed children who are now serving the Lord as Pastors, Christian Educators, farmers, welders and responsible parents and citizens. We continue to improve our services.

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