Mission Profile

The Missions department is the evangelism and church planting ministry of the Philippine Faith Mission, Inc. At present, we have six (6) established churches and two (2) outreaches. Three (3) of these churches, the members are indigenous people called Aetas. Aetas are the aborigines of the Philippines.



Be actively involved in the propagation of the Gospel through evangelism, discipleship training, seminars/training, church planting, radio ministry, and other endeavors in expanding God’s Kingdom.



A Mission fulfills the Great Commission even to the utter most part of the earth so our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ welcome us in heaven saying, “Well done my faithful servants! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!”


Development Plans

1. To establish a Christian Training Center in Castillejos. This will be the training center for our Pastors and other Church Leaders.

2. To commend all our Missionaries/Pastors and submit their respective Commendation Letter to Christian Missions in the Philippines, Inc.

3. To adopt the churches that will be planted by our Missionaries/Pastors who are presently involved with Church Planting Institute of The Bible League before the end of the year.

4. To organize Youth Camp and Vacation Bible School during summer time.

5. To organize and host more seminars and church leadership trainings.

6. To continue the Bible Studies in Castillejos Police Station

7. To open new Bible Studies with the Government officials

8. To organize a youth oriented ministry to reach out to the youth of Castillejos.

9. To involve more Missionaries/Pastors in Philippine Faith Mission, Inc.

10. To develop Mission’s policies on recruitments, trainings, etc.

11. To establish a good record keeping and reporting system.


Churches and Outreaches

Castillejos Christian Church

Beddeng Christian Fellowship

Loob-bunga Christian Church

Sambahan sa Nayon ng Jesmag

Sambahan sa Nayon ng Nacolcol

San Vicente Community Christian Fellowship

Pulang Lupa Outreach


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